Dance for Fun!            Sequence Dancing at its very best                       

      Above:       Mike Wenham and Audrey King
      Below:       Members at Daish's Bournemouth
Mike  Wenham and Audrey King  founded "Dance for Fun" in 2009 when four friends decided that they would like to learn some simple sequence dances. From humble beginnings the school has grown to over a hundred and twenty members, with new people joining every week. Our aim is to teach you to dance in a warm and friendly atmosphere, meet new dancing friends, and then send you home with a smile on your face. We don't dance for medals - we Dance for Fun!
Mike and Audrey  have over twenty years experience in sequence dancing and have hosted teaching sessions and afternoon dancing at Daish's, Shearings and TLH Hotels, and also at a number of Warner Holiday Resorts. They currently host Tea Dances in Southwick and East Preston, and these dances welcome both beginners and experienced dancers. You do not need to bring a partner as there are always gentlemen and ladies available to dance with you.
Mike holds teaching sessions on a Thursday afternoon in Southwick, and will teach the more popular sequence dances that you would normally find that most hotels and holiday venues will include during their evening entertainment. The Sweetheart Waltz, Cindy Swing, Rumba One, Balmoral Blues and Mayfair Quickstep are a few examples.

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